Datanorm Version 4.0 is a standard process for data exchange between wholesalers, manufacturers and installers under the umbrella of the organisations VSI (Bundesverband des Sanitär-Fachhandels e.V., Bonn) [Federal Association for Sanitary Specialist Trade] and the GDH (Deutscher Großhändlerverband für Heizungs, Lüftungs- und Klimabedarf e.V., Hamburg) [German Wholesaler Association for heating, ventilation and air conditioning supplies].

It is based on the record descriptions that were expertly devised in detail and established by the Datanorm data exchange working group. It also controls maintenance and further development.

Implementation is coordinated with the IT departments of manufacturers and wholesalers.
The objective is to provide those companies that wish to use Datanorm with information on data preparation and processing for their software.
Our customers can perform item and price maintenance within an economically acceptable framework.

This ensures that item maintenance can be dealt with using a uniform data format.

Since it was first launched in 1986, Datanorm has been improved and developed into an extensive range of services.

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Datanorm Version 4.0 is a standard protocol for data exchange between wholesalers, manufacturers and the installation trade under the patronage of organizations.